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INDEX (Turkey-Korea Great Friendship Association)
INDEX (Turkey-Korea Great Friendship Association)


A Video About Human Rights Violations in North Korea
About Korea Great Friendship Association Founding
About Korean Cultural Day in Mersin (Organized by Korean Cultural Center)
An Emotional Support Video For Korean 'Comfort Women' Victims (by KGFA)

Campaign For Korean Comfort Women

Events of Korean Cultural Caravan is Starting!

'Herstory' Animation About Comfort Women (Turkish Subtitled)
Honorable Dong Woo CHO Visited the KGFA!

K-F & KGFA Ankara Picnic & Dance Event (with the Participation of Korean TV Reporter)
K-F & KGFA Hallyu Day (with the Participation of YTN TV)
K-F & KGFA in Korean Media
K-F Volunteers who Want to Take Charge in Seminar About 'The Comfort Women' Issue
KGFA Thought Society

Let's Celebrate Park Geun Hye's Birthday!
Let's Show Our Emotional Support For Korean 'Comfort Women' Victims With A Video!

Participants of the 'Breeze of Korea Exhibition', Organized by KGFA
People who Want to Be Founder Member of Turkey-Korea Great Friendship Association
Private Lesson Opportunity For K-F Members by KGFA

Reception of the Istanbul Consulate of the Republic of Korea

Seminar About "Media in Korea" by Juneok KIM in Istanbul (Organized by KGFA)
Seminar About 'The Comfort Women' Issue In Korea and Other Countries
Signature Campaign For The Comfort Women
Signature Campaign for the Resolution of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

TKY Facebook Page & KGFA Korean Speech Day (Sponsored by LOTUS Educational Center)
Turkey-Korea Great Friendship Association

We Look For A Photographer who Take Charge in Seminar About 'The Comfort Women' Issue
Would You Like to Take Part at 'Breeze of Korea Exhibition', Organized by KGFA?

You Can Be A Member of Korea Great Friendship Association Via E-Mail!
You're Invited to Korean Sport Event!

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