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INDEX (Korea-Fans Current Special Activities)
INDEX (Korea-Fans Current Special Activities)


♧ Our Korea Diary ♧
The 1st Adana K-Pop & K-Dance Competition
2010 Korea-Fans~Special
2012 Korea-Fans Team Video
'2013 Hallyu Team Logo' For Korea-Fans (by KOFICE)
2013 K-Pop Cover Dance Istanbul Europe Finals Facebook Page
2018 New Year Celebration of Korea-Fans
2019 New Year Celebration of KGFA & KF


A Drama, A Passion, A Life
A Research for Korean Culture Fans
A Street in Ankara Get Named ''Sejong'' Campaign
Ankara University Korean Cultural Day & Traditional Korean Music Performance


'Bibiriyo' Flash Mob Event
Birthday Project of Kim Taeyeon


Caravan of Korean Culture Meets with K-F Diyarbakır Members!
Caravan of Korean Culture Meets with K-F Gaziantep Members!
Caravan of Korean Culture Meets with K-F Hatay Members!
Caravan of Korean Culture Meets with K-F Malatya Members!
Caravan of Korean Culture Meets with K-F Niğde Members!
Conversation of Kumyangjang-ni Battle Anniversary


Dance Covers by White Rose
Dinner Invitation For K-F Antalya From Korea Tourism Organization
Discount Event From Thehallyu.com
Distribution of Dong-Yul Spring Special Issue
Distribution of Dong-Yul Winter Special Issue
Dong-Yul Participated in Press Conference of KBS MusicBank Istanbul
Dancing 9


EXID & Rania Fan Meeting Photos
EXID & Rania Photos By Hazel KAYA
Education in Korea Seminar from Honorable Counsellor Dong Woo CHO (Dinner Meeting)
Event Sponsorship For K-F City Groups From Korean Cultural Center!
'Exhibition of Human Rights Violations in North Korea' is on Yonhap News Agency


Faru'Kai Dance Show
FTISLAND - Severly Cover by Sevim GÖRGÜN


Gifts to Korea-Fans From KOFICE
Grafitti Works


Hallyu Is Now On Air!
Hallyu Sinmun, Korea-Fans E-Newspaper
His Honorable Councellor Dong Woo CHO Gave a Dinner
Home Stay Organization for Korea-Fans Members
Honorable Counsellor Dong-Woo CHO will Give A Dinner For K-F Kayseri
HUFS Bicycle Club's Tour Video in Turkey


Interview From Honorable Ambassador Sangkyu LEE For Dong-Yul
Interviews of Dong Woo CHO, Sook Gyeong SHIM, Hye Lyung CHO in Dong-Yul' Winter Issue
Introductory Meeting of Bursa Branch of Sejong Institute
I'm Doing the Best Photoshop (2)
Istanbul-Gyeongju World Culture EXPO Presentation Team


JYJ Love Is Going To Launch To Space In A NASA Capsule


K-Rock Party, Ankara
KBS TV Interviewed with Korea-Fans Members (Photos by Huriye KILAVUZ)
KBS Coming to Turkey For Korea-Fans
K-F Ankara Volunteers
K-F Facebook Pages
K-F Kapadokya Turu
K-F Members Participate in Vodafone Istanbul Marathon (Sponsored by KTO)
K-F Members Participate in Istanbul Marathon (Sponsored by KTO)[2014]
K-Pop Cover Dance & Cover Song Competitions Volunteer Working
K-Wave Greece Team
Korea & Korea
Our Korea Accessories
Korea-Fans Contest Info
Korea-Fans Contest Info With DBSK
Korea-Fans Contest Info on Signatures!
1.000.000th Message Present from Korea-Fans
Korea-Fans Bursa Official Fan Group Facebook Page
Korea-Fans Co-Admin and Administrator Promotional Video 2
Korea-Fans Denizli, Korean Language Learning Group
K-F Denizli is Meeting with Veteran of Korean War
K-F Istanbul K-Pop & K-Dance Event
Korea-Fans Eskişehir Official Fan Group Facebook Page
Korea-Fans Eskişehir, Korean Language Learning Group
'Korea-Fans Events' Facebook Page  
Korea-Fans Hallyu Tour
Korea-Fans Haber Ekibine Katılmak İster misiniz?
Korea-Fans İçin Yazdığımız Şiirler
Korea-Fans Izmir Official Fan Group
Korea-Fans Gönüllüleri
Korea-Fans Introduction Video (by kouushizuku)
Korea-Fans Gönüllü Katılımı / Korea-Fans Voluntary Participation
Korea-Fans Malatya,  Korean Language Learning Group
Korea-Fans Members are Going to Opening Ceremony of Korean Film Week!
Korea-Fans Members are Meeting with Kim Ki Duk!
Radyo Haber 61 Korea-Fans Program is on Haber 61 TV at the Same Time
Korea-Fans - K-Dance Project 2012 (Sponsored by KOFICE)
Korea-Fans K-Dance Group Facebook Page / Korea-Fans K-Dance Facebook Sayfası
Korea-Fans, Fashion Group
K-F Ankara, K-Dance Studio Training
K-F Photographer
KF&KGFA on Social Media
Korea-Fans Ankara Volunteers
Korea-Fans City Groups Apply For KOFICE Sponsorship
Korea-Fans Screen Team'e Katılmak İster misiniz?/Would You Like to Join Korea-Fans
Korea-Fans Members are Going to Traditional Korean Music Concert
Korea-Fans Trabzon Dance Group Was The Guest On Haber 61 TV - Radyo Haber 61
Korea-Fans Trabzon K-Dance Group
K-F Istanbul, Winter Sonata (Special Event) - Tanıtım 1
Korea-Fans Trabzon Members Met "Dogukan'la Dunya Turu" Team
Korea-fans Quiz Shows 3
Korea-fans Quiz Shows 4
Korea-Fans Quiz Show 5
Korea-Fans on Yonhap (Redirection)
A Street in Kocaeli or Parck Get Named Ulsan Campaign
Korea-Fans Trabzon Representatives Will Be The Guest On Haber61 TV - Radyo Haber61
Korea-Fans Members and Vip Members Introduction Video [FINISHED]
Korea-Fans Will Organize The KOFICE-Sponsored Event
Korean Days On The Capital and Korea-Fans In Hürriyet Newspaper
Kyung Hee University The 16th World Korean Language Speech Competition
Korea-Fans Members are Meeting with Kim Ki Duk!
Korea-Fans' Youth will Meet with Our Korean War Veterans


Let's Go To The Opening Of The Exhibition & Seminar
Let's Have Fun In Korean Way!!!
Let's Make 2014 The Year of South Korea in Turkey
Let's Send Our Song Requests to TBS eFM!
Limonian, Beauty From Korea (Special Discount For Korea-Fans Members)


MBC Gives A Great Chance For Youth
MBC Global Korean Wave Project Application (Özge ÖZPOLAT)
MBC Global Korean Wave Project Application (Şerife BİLGİÇ)
MBC Officers Will Meet With Korea-Fans Members
MBC Production Team and Actrist Yoon Hae-Young in Bursa
ManLiHaeng Club Interviewed with Korea-Fans
Maria Represent the Turkey in 2013 K-Pop World Festival


NU'EST in Turkish Press
New Member Recruiting For Korea-Fans Screen Team (Ankara)


Our Acrostic Work
Our Logo, Avatar, Gif Work for Korea-Fans
Our Custom Picture Share for Korea-Fans
Our Video Work for Korea-Fans
Our Korea Accessories


People who is Korean Drama Expert and Knows English Well For a Professional Project
Poems That We Have Written for South Korean Stars
Poems That We Have Written for Korea-Fans


Respect For Veterans
Radyo Haber 61 Korea-Fans Program is on Haber 61 TV at the Same Time
Republic of Korea MP Committee Will Meet K-F Members


'SMTOWN Come To Turkey' Event
Seminar of Korea-Fans, Park Geun-Hye (박근혜) Society
Superstar K5
'Seul' Instead Let's Write 'Seoul' Campaign
Signature Campaign From Turkish SM Fans!
Silver and Bronze Tickets For KBS MusicBank Istanbul
Sound of Korea, Gil Photos (by Huriye KILAVUZ)
Special Competition For Korea-Fans From MCJ
Special Competition for Korea-Fans Members from MCJ Shopping!
Special Interview From BAEK Seung Hyun For Dong-Yul
Summer Camp in Korea
Short Poems Request for Your Oppa!~
Sushi Workshop With Asya Gurme


Teacher of Korean Foods, Meja KIM Meets with K-F City Groups
Tickets of EXPO and Gifts For Korea-Fans Members From Samsung
Tickets of Flying and Miso II For Korea-Fans Members
thehallyu.com (Shopping from Korea)
Trabzon Korea-Fans Singers Group Meeting
The 4th Anniversary of Korea-Fans

'YG Family World Tour With Turkey' Event
"YG Hear Turkish Fans' Voices" Event
Your Orders From Korea
Your Orders From Korea (2)


We Are Going to Istanbul For KBS MusicBank!
We Go to Istanbul from Ankara for Unite The Mic Concert!
WelCON Korea 2013, Seminar of the Turkey - Korea Content Exchange
Will Jung Il Woo Come To Turkey? / Jung Il Woo Türkiye'ye Mi Geliyor?
Wings of Hope Project - Twitter Event
We Write for Korea-Fans Types of Prose (Essays, Stories, Articles, Jokes, etc..) 3
What is Your Suggestion?
What We Do for Them
Would You Like to Be A Korea-Fans Admin Asistant?
Would You Like To Be A Model at K-F & KGFA Hallyu Day?
Would You Like to Join Dong-Yul Team?
Write for Korea-Fans Family


Vice Culture Minister Kwak Young-jin to Meet K-F Members
Visit to Honorable Hee Chul LEE by K-F Members
Çok istesemde eskisinden nadir ağlarım
Zaman geçer önümden çığlıklar atarak
Umudum ellerimde bir avuç kül

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