Phantom Releases “Come as You Are” MV with Verbal Jint

Phantom, Verbal Jint ile Birlikte “Come as You Are” Klibini Yayınladı

Phantom ve Verbal Jint “Come As You Are“ isimli yeni single için bir araya geldi!

Blue-eyed soul müziğinden ilham alan “Come As You Are” bahara uygun, dinlendirici melodisiyle 70’li yıllara götürüyor. Verbal Jint de bu yeni single ile yapımcılık çıkışını gerçekleştirdi.

Phantom 15 Mayıs tarihinde Seoul’deki Uniqlo AX Hall’de ilk solo konserini düzenleyecek.


Phantom and Verbal Jint have teamed up for their new single “Come As You Are“!

“Come As You Are” channels the era of the ’70s by drawing inspiration from blue-eyed soul band music with its soothing melody just in time for spring. Verbal Jint also made his producing debut for the new single.

Phantom will be holding their first solo concert on May 15 at the Uniqlo AX Hall in Seoul.

26.03.2013 – allkpop

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