Official movie poster for 71-Into the Fire released

Taewon Eğlence şirketi tarafından “71- Into the Fire” filmi için bir resmi poster daha yayınlandı.

Bu yeni posterin alt kısmında savaş sahneleri görüntüleri mevcutken üstte başroller Cha Seung Won, T.O.P, Kim Seung Woo ve Kwon Sang Woo’nun acı çeken yüz ifadeleri gösterilmiş. Film ise bu Temmuz’da sinemalarda yerini alacak.

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Another official movie poster for “71-Into the Fire” has been revealed by Taewon Entertainment on the 13th.

In this new poster, the four main leads Cha Seung Won, T.O.P, Kim Seung Woo and Kwon Sang Woo are showed with a pained expression on their faces while scenes in the lower part shows the intense war scenes, which will no doubt be a grim reminder that war is cruel.The movie will premiere in cinemas this June.

(13.05.2010 / Allkpop)


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