Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young get into a love triangle in still cuts for ‘Young Blood’

Lee Jong Suk ve Park Bo Young ‘Young Blood’ Filminden Yayınlanan Resimlerde ‘Aşk Üçgeni’ İçinde Görünüyorlar

Lee Jong Suk ve Park Ba Young gelecek ‘Young Blood’ (Blood Booling Young) filmi resimlerine bakılırsa gençlik ateşi yaşıyorlar.

Resimlerde Park Bo Young sert kaba Young Sook rolünde ve Joong Gil’e (Lee Jong Suk) aşık ve onu koruyor gözüküyor. Aşk üçgeni Joong Gil’in So Hee’den (Lee Se Young) etkilenmesi ile başlıyor.

‘Young Blood’ 1980’li yıllarda geçen bir gençlik filmi.Film 23 Ocak’ta vizyona girecek.


Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young made us feel the hotblooded emotions of youth in still cuts for the upcoming movie ‘Young Blood’ (‘Blood Boiling Youth’)!

The still cuts show Park Bo Young playing the rough-on-the-edges Young Sook who falls for Joong Gil (Lee Jong Suk), following him around and protecting him. The love triangle begins when Joong Gil gets attracted to So Hee (Lee Se Young), who responds coyly to his signs of interest, making Joong Gil chase after her even more.

‘Young Blood’, a teenage love story that takes place in the 1980s, will premiere on January 23!


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