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Kahi / Park Ji Young (발 지 요웅) [Eski Üye / Former Member]
Kahi / Park Ji Young (발 지 요웅)

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Gerçek İsmi: Park Ji-young
Takma Adı: Kahi
Doğum Tarihi: 25 Aralık 1980
Tür: Pop, dans
Meslek: Şarkici, Dansçı, Repçi, Şarkı Yazarı, Koreografçı
Şirket: Pledis Entertainment
Bağlantılı Gruplar: After School, S.Blush, BoA

Güney Koreli sarkıcı olan Kahi, After School kız grubunun lideridir.
5 yıllık profesyonel dans kariyerinden sonra dans sarkıcısı olmak isteyerek Amerikan kız grubu S.Blush'a katıldı. Grubun dağılmasının ardından Pledis şirketiyle anlaşıp uzun yıllar ardından tamamlanmış üyeleriyle After School grubuna lider olarak katildi.
Geçen yıldan beri ertelenen Kahi'nin solo albümü sonunda çıktı.
"Come Back You Bad Person" baslıklı şarkısıyla ilk mini albümüyle solo çıkış yaptı.

Rol aldigi Klipler

* 2010: "One Love" - Suki
* 2009: "Starry Night" - One Two
* 2009: "I Want to Buy It" - E.Bul
* 2008: "Bad Boy" - Son Dam Bi

TV Reklamları

* 2010: Fat Down
* 2010: CJ 팻다운
* 2010: Vivaldi Ocean World
* 2006: m:robe Mp3-Player


2010 SBS Entertainment Ödülleri: En İyi Çaylak


Birth name: Park Ji-young
Also known as: Kahi
Born Biggrinecember 25, 1980 (1980-12-25)
Origin : South Korea
Genres : Pop, dance
Occupations :Singer, Dancer, Rapper, Lyricist, Choreographer, Composer
Labels :Pledis Entertainment
Associated acts :After School, S.Blush, BoA
Website :After School

Kahi (born Park Ji-young on December 25, 1980) is a South Korean dance-pop singer.
She is the leader of the girl group After School.

Early history

Kahi was born in a small village in Gangwon on December 25, 1980. She was a late dancer, not finding her passion for dancing until she was 16. She was fascinated by the hip hop group Roo'ra at 16, which became her strong motivation for being a singer. However, due to family opposition and practical conditions, she could not get any professional training. In her high school years, she trained herself effortly in singing and dancing. Her father made her go to a university in a rural area. She obeyed at the beginning; however, eventually, she could not stand it anymore, and left her hometown to pursue her dream. She then never contacted her father once in the next 7 years. She went to Seoul alone empty-handed. Luckily, a friend took her to an interview for a backup dancer. She did well in the trial, and got the job. She started her dancing career at age 18.

2000, Kahi was chosen as the main dancer for DJ DOC's mega-hit, Run to You, just 3 months after she entered. However, her instant success also brought her huge stress and jealousy, and eventually forced her leave there. To make a living, she did many jobs such as cleaner, waitress, and sales for long period of time. Finally, a choreographer in SM Entertainment gave her a chance to become a temporary dancer for BoA. Her dancing ability shocked the staff in SM, and she was kept as full-time dancer. Since then, she gradually gained fame in her field. Her cooperation with BoA lasted more than 3 years. Besides BoA, she was also a famous backup dancer for Country Kko Kko, JinuSean, 1TYM, Lexy, Chae Yeon, Eun Ji Won, and many others. She was the dance teacher of Son Dam Bi and May Doni.


Around 2006, after more than 5 years career as a professional dancer, she set her mind to debut as a dance-pop singer. She joined the Korean American girl group "S. Blush", whose first digital single peaked at #2 at the Billboard Hot Dance Chart in May 2007.However, due to various reasons, the band disbanded in the end.

After School

In late 2007, Kahi contacted some friends in the industry that she had known in her dancer years who are now the staff of Pledis. They planned for and produced the debut of the new group together. After years of work and selection of members, she debuted in January 2009 as the leader of After School.

Solo works and debut

Pledis Entertainment initially announced that the singer would release a solo album sometime in 2010, which started rumors of her leaving the group; her management confirmed that she was not "graduating" from After School. However, the debut was delayed to February 2011.Meanwhile, Kahi joined the cast of reality-variety series Yeongunghogeol (영웅호걸, "Heroes").

The promotional campaign for Kahi's solo debut started in mid-February, with the album jacket photos released on February 9 and a teaser video on February 12.The album photos were noted for highlighting the singer's "S-line", while netizens and news articles commented on the contrasting "black vs. white" images and "charisma" in the teaser.The mini-album was then released on February 14, 2011.The music video for Come Back, Bad You was on February 14th, 2011. Kahi is scheduled to being promotional activities on the 18th.



* 2010: "One Love" by Suki
* 2009: "Starry Night" by One Two
* 2009: "I Want to Buy It" by E.Bul
* 2008: "Bad Boy" by Son Dam Bi

TV Commercials / Advertisements

* 2010: Fat Down
* 2010: CJ 팻다운
* 2010: Vivaldi Ocean World
* 2006: m:robe Mp3-Player


2010 SBS Entertainment Awards Best Newcomer - Variety New Star
Source: Wikipedia

After School member Kahi has been postponing her solo debut since late last year, but she finally could make her debut with "Come Back You Bad Person". Kahi made her solo debut before After School’s official comeback.
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Kahi & Son Dam Bi

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