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Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (제주특별자치도 / Jeju-do)

City Identity

Symbolic Logo

[Resim: 100px-Logo-of-Jeju-Province-South-Korea-svg.png]

The word mark, Jeju, symbolizes strong and tenacious Jeju with the black color based on the Jeju basalt and the Jeju people's culture that guards and develops its tradition.

The horizontal brush lines express the spirit of Jeju upholding the value of equality and the shining Jeju's nature as a World Natural Heritage. The green color is a symbolic representation of the green Mt. Hallasan; the blue symbolizes the ocean and the biosphere preservation zone; and the orange represents the future-oriented value of Jeju as a special self-governing province and the boldly rising Jeju's hope.

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province's Flag
[Resim: 100px-Flag-of-Jeju-svg.png]

>>> Shape Explanation

• The symbolic logo of Jeju's representative city identity (CI) is placed in the center of the flag above the Korean writing of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.

• Clean waters of Jeju in the Pacific rim.

• Spiritual Green Halla Mountain.

City Brand

[Resim: 913124eb-5943-47e7-8fdb-7c2d3eea6c50.jpg]

This symbolic word typifies the future of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province pursuing a top class international free city in Asia as Korea's only site of the World Heritage and by seeking to realize the exclusive special self-governance in Korea.

The image of Jeju's mysterious lava caves is captured as a representative motive for the inscription on the list of the World Heritage. Jeju's basalt and the texture of volcanic island are expressed using calligraphy. The beauty of Jeju is expressed in a soft calligraphic style and color, presenting the particularity of Jeju in which characteristics of strength and softness coexist.


[Resim: eb38f122-8136-4d9a-8174-78aced74432c.jpg]
"Dorhee" is created by overlapping the shape of Dolharubang, a stone statue made of basalt. The basalt is a symbolic motive for volcanic lava of the World Heritage site. "Sorhee" is wearing the costume of Jeju's woman diver. The faces of Dorhee and Sorhee are designed using the English name of "jeju", multiplying the symbolic power. The use of "jeju" is adopted as a differentiation strategy of design and can be applied to create different motions and costumes.


[Resim: eeffd663-d0a5-4b90-b3e2-05189da61ce7.jpg]

The emblem was developed using the word mark, the log and the slogan. It is used in the media where dignity or decoration is needed.



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