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Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (제주특별자치도 / Jeju-do)

Main Symbols

Tree (Camphor Tree)

Comphor tree symbolizes the Jeju People's characteristics, dispositions and beliefs. Camphor tree, well growing even in waste land or in a crack of a rock, is symbolic of diligence, thriftness and endurance of the Jeju people living stoutly while overcoming all adverse conditions. It is an evergreen that never loses its freshness. When it has new leaves in the spring, their colorfulness, like red flowers, displays the Jeju people's hopes, passion and inclination for an infinite prosperity.

Flower (Korean Rosebay)

Korean rosebay is the symbolic flower of Jeju. It grows well even in waste land or in a crack of a rock, boasting its scarlet flowers. It portrays the Jeju people's burning intention and cohesive will.

Bird (white-backed woodpecker)

The white-backed woodpecker mainly inhabits broadleaf trees in the forest. It is a common resident bird found across Korea and is widely distributed in Japan, China, Siberia, and Europe. The white-backed woodpecker is the species mainly distributed in Jeju, and it is small and dark. Its head and back are almost the same as other large five-colored woodpecker species, but its low back and waist have the thicker white color than others.

Color (Blue)

Every part of Jeju is blue. The blue color symbolizes immortality, prosperity, progressiveness and infinite development, exhibiting the mind of Jeju people living in harmony with the blue sea, blue mountains and the blue sky.

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