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Daejeon Metropolitan City (대전광역시 / Taejon Kwangyok-si)
Daejeon Metropolitan City (대전광역시 / Taejon Kwangyok-si)

Daejeon, Güney Kore'nin merkezinde yer alır. Güney Kore'nin 5. büyük şehridir. Daejeon, Gyeongbu demiryolu, Honam demiryolu, Gyeongbu otoyolu ve Honam otoyolunun kesişim alanıdır. Şehir sınırındaki Daedeok Bilim Kasabası (Daedeok Science Town, 대덕연구단지), 200'den fazla araştırma kurumunu barındıran çok geniş bir alandır.

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Yüzölçümü : 539.84 km2

Nüfus : 1,442,857 (2007)

website >>> http://www.daejeon.go.kr/english/index.jsp

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Daejeon is located in the center of South Korea. It is the fifth largest city in South Korea. It is at the crossroads of Gyeongbu railway, Honam railway, Gyeongbu Expressway, and Honam Expressway. Within the city limits lies Daedeok Science Town, an area with more than 200 research institutions.

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Area : 539.84 km2

Population : 1,442,857 (2007)

WebSite >>> http://www.daejeon.go.kr/english/index.jsp

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"It's Daejeon" is the brand slogan of Daejeon, developed as a means of implementing the city's management strategy in the face of the 21st Century, an era marked by the competition of images, going beyond the international competition era. This slogan was developed to build the image of Daejeon, centered on culture, economy and science, as a brand and to increase the awareness of the city by differentiating it against other cities.
"It's Daejeon" is an exclamatory praise of Daejeon as the city with the highest quality of life. "It's" refers to the city where life is fun and rich, and it symbolizes a city of tradition and diverse cultures, and it is also the acronym for the futuristic city, centered on Science & Technology. Moreover, it symbolizes the hub of the latest science and technology. Daejeon's diverse geography, and humanity, economy, society and cultural assets are developed with the basic concept of the "Variety of Daejeon". The word mark of the brand slogan is a free and energetic font that expresses the image of the city in the future, and the city of diversity in a fun and trendy sense. This is an attempt to cast away an authoritative and conservative attitude, and to ensure that Daejeon can appeal as a friendly and fun place to the people in the world. Through the application of diverse colors, it is possible to gain a sensible communication effect with a soft and comfortable feel as in the case of blooming flowers. Overall, Daejeon is expressed as a nature-friendly city, a city of rich cultures, and the image of a future city that is paving the road of tomorrow.


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Tonghaksa Temple

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