Thai Vets of Korean War Honored

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BANGKOK, Thailand

Taylı Kore Savaşı Gazileri Onurlandırıldı

Güney Kore Ordusu Kaptanı Choi Sung-ho, 1950-53 yılında meydana gelen Kore Savaşı gazilerini 10 Şubat’ta Tay limanı Satihip’te Seonginbong savaş gemisinde verilen yemekte onurlandırdı.

(11.02.2010 / Yonhap)



Captain Choi Sung-ho ® of the South Korean Navy greets Thai veterans of 1950-53 Korean War during a reception aboard the Seonginbong warship at the Thai port of Satihip on Feb. 10. About 40 Thai veterans were invited to the ship, which was in Thailand to participate in the “Cobra Gold” joint military exercise.

(11.02.2010 / Yonhap)

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