So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun’s Reps Deny Dating Rumor

So Yi Hyun ve Kim Hyun Jun’un Temsilcileri Sevgili Oldukları Dedikosunu Red Etti

Kim Hyun Jun ve So Yi Hyun’un sevgili oldukları dedikodusu 3 Mart’ta red edildi.

So Yi Hyun’un ajansı Key East 3 Mart’ta My Daily’ye:” İkisinin KBS dizisi ‘Sunshine Girl’ dizisi çekimlerinde arkadaş olduklarını biliyoruz, ama onlar sadece iki yakın iş arkadaşı. So Yi Hyun şuan kimseyle birlikte değil.”dedi.

Kim Hyun Jun’un ajansı S-Plus My Daily’ye:”So Yi Hyun ile yakın oldukları doğru ama onlar söylendiği gibi sevgili değiller. İkisinin sevgili oldukları ve ayrılıp barıştıkları iddiasının yanlış olduğunu kabul ettik. Kim Hyun Jun ve So Yi Hyun benzer kişiliklere sahip iki arkadaş, tüm durum sadece bu.” dedi.


Although it was reported that Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun were dating, both agencies have stepped out to deny such claims on March 3.

So Yi Hyun’s agency Key East Entertainment told My Daily on March 3, “We heard that they were friendly while appearing together on KBS drama ‘Sunshine Girl.’ Even now, the two are close colleagues, but So Yi Hyun is not dating anyone right now.”

Kim Hyung Jun’s agency S-Plus Entertainment also told My Daily, “It is true he was close to So Yi Hyun, but they did not meet each other on intimate terms or date. It was said that the two had previously broken up and then started dating again, but we’ve confirmed that this was false. Both Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun have animated personalities so they actively maintained their friendship, and that is all.”

03.03.2014- allkpop

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