Seo In Guk Gets Playful in Making Film for ‘Another Parting’

Seo In Guk ‘Another Parting’ Çekimlerinde Eğlendirdi

Yoğun çekimlere rağmen ‘Another Parting’ oyuncuları Seo In Guk ve Wang Ji Won ortamı nasıl eğlenceli hale getireceklerini iyi biliyorlar.

Seo In Guk hastane ekipmanları ve oyuncak silah ile oynayarak çekimlerde komik sahneler yarattı. Ama kameralar çalışmaya başladığında hızlıca iş karizmasına büründü ve Wang Ji Won ile aralarındaki kimyayı ortaya koydu.


Although things couldn’t get any more intense in ‘Another Parting’, Seo In Guk and Wang Ji Won knew how to keep the atmosphere light and fun as shown in the drama’s making film!

Seo In Guk was especially the goofy guy on set as he played with the hospital equipment and toy gun, making for some hilarious NGs. But once the cameras started rolling, the actor quickly knew how to be all business with his blazing charisma and chemistry with Wang Ji Won.


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