”Sejong the Great”

Busan (부산), South Korea (대한민국)

Resimde görülen 6,700 tonluk “Sejong the Great” isimli Aegis muhribi, Busan Limanı’ndan demir alır. Güney Kore Deniz Kuvvetleri’ne ait gemi, Güney Kore’nin ilk yüksek hareket kabiliyeti olan donanma gemisidir. Gemi 1 Şubat’ta harekete geçti.


Seen is a 6,700-ton Aegis destropyer “Sejong the Great” that remains docked at the southern port of Busan. The state-of-the-art naval vessel is the centerpiece of South Korea’s first high-mobility naval fleet that was activated on Feb. 1.

(01.02.2010 / Yonhap)

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