Phantom – 1집 Phantom Power (Album)

Release Date / Çıkış Tarihi: 2014.05.19
Genre / Türü: Ballad
Language / Dil: Korean

01. Future Wife
02. 내가 졌다 (I Was)
03. 오늘따라 (Seoul Lonely) (Feat. 가인) (Feat. Gain)
04. 끊어줄래 (Let’s Quit) (Feat. San E, 태완) (Feat. San E, C-LUV) (한해 Solo) (Hanhae Solo)
05. 신세계 (New Era) (Feat. 나비) (Feat. Navi)
06. Under Age’s Song (Feat. 휘인 of 마마무) (Feat. Hwi In Of Mamamoo) (키겐 Solo) (Kiggen Solo)
07. 몸만와 (Come As You Are) (With 버벌진트) (With Verbal Jint)
08. 너와 (You) (산체스 Solo) (Sanchez Solo)
09. 다알아 (Already Know)
10. 오늘따라 (Seoul Lonely) (Inst.)
11. Phantom Power
12. 불협화음 (Dissonance)

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