Performances from MBC’s Lunar New Year’s special, “Star Dance Battle”

MBC’den Kameri yılbaşına özel ”Star Dance Battle” performansları

3 Şubat günü, MBC, Kameri yılbaşına özel ‘Star Dance Battle’ Programını yayınladı.

Kahkaha ve neşenin her daim garantili olduğu programda, komedyenlerin taklitleri, Kore müzik dünyasını sallayan isimlerin performansları yer aldı.


On February 3rd, MBC aired their annual Lunar New Year special, “Star Dance Battle“!

It’s a show that’s always guaranteed laughter and delight, as famous comedians tackled their impersonations of the hottest music performances rocking the Korean music industry


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Round 1

Park Hwisoon & Nam Changhee (“High High”) VS. Hwang Je Sung, Park Jae Min & Lee Sung Bae (“Shut Up” + “Single Ladies“)

Round 2

T-ara (“Love Battery”) VS. After School (London Boys)

Round 2 Sonucu / Round 2 Result

Round 3

Hong Jinyoung (“Sonata of Seduction“) VS. Yoo Chaeyoung (“Good Day“)

Round 3 Sonucu / Round 3 Result

Round 4

U-KISS’ Soohyun & Jang Young Ran (“I Need a Girl“) VS. Kim Kyung Jin (“Yayaya“)

Round 5

Jewelry (“Funny” + ‘Whacking’ **a type of dance**) VS. TEEN TOP (trot medley)

Round 5 Sonucu / Round 5 Result

Round 6

Dal Shabet (“U-Go Girl” + “Brand New”) VS. Han Groo (‘Diva medley’)

Round 6 Sonucu / Round 6 Result

Round 7

ZE:A (‘Performance’ + “Mackerel” **by Kwanghee) VS. INFINITE (“Baby” + “Like a G6″)

Round 7 Sonucu / Round 7 Result

Round 8

SISTAR (“Tell Me“) VS. Rainbow (“Buttons” + “Wait a Minute“)

Round 8 Sonucu / Round 8 Result

Round 9

MBLAQ (“Smooth Criminal” + “Hip Song“) VS. Park Jung Min (“We No Speak Americano“)

Round 9 Sonucu / Round 9 Result

Round 10

4minute (“Now” + ‘Step Up OST’) VS. miss A (“Honey”)

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