Çıkış Tarihi / Release Date: 2014.11.28
Tür / Genre: Hip-Hop
Language / Dili: Korean / Korece

Track List:
01. 손바닥을 보여줘 (Hands Up) (feat. Crush)
02. 인상 써 (Act Serious) (feat. Ugly Duck , DJ Wegun)
03. 니가 모르게 (You Don’t Know)
04. 자꾸 생각나 (Thinking About You) (feat. Jay Park ( 박재범 ))
05. 무례하게 (No Manners) (feat. Gray)
06. 높아 (High) (feat. Konsoul)
07. 좋겠어 (If I) (feat. Gray)
08. 적응 (Growing Up) (feat. ELO)
09. 감아 (Hold Me Tight) (feat. Crush)

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