Lee Returned from State Visit on Sunday

South Korea (대한민국)

Lee bugün Amerika gezisinden döndü

Devlet Başkanı Lee Myung-Bak 6 günlük Amerika gezisini tamamladı ve bugün Kore’ye geri döndü.

Başkan Lee Amerika ve Güney Kore arasındaki serbest ticaret anlaşması konusunda konuştu. Başka Lee Koreli yatırımcılarla Chicago’da görüşmeler yaptı. Devlet Başkanı Lee bu görüşmelerin iki ülke arasındaki gelişmeleri güçlendireceğini söyledi.


President Lee Myung-bak has completed his six-day visit to the U.S. and arrived in South Korea on Sunday.

President Lee and his U.S. counterpart agreed that the approval of the South Korea-U.S. free trade agreement in Congress will upgrade their nations’ relations to a pluralistic strategic alliance. President Lee held a meeting with Korean residents in the U.S. in Chicago as his last stop on the itinerary.

Lee said once the free trade agreement goes into effect, expanded bilateral trade and investment would provide new opportunities to Koreans living in the U.S.

16.10.2011 – KBS News

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