Lee Chung-yong of Bolton Wanderers returns home

Bolton Wanderers’tan Lee Chung-yong eve döndü

Incheon (인천 ), South Korea (대한민국)

İngiltere Premier Ligi takımı Bolton Wanderers’ın forward oyuncusu Lee Chung-yong, Güney Kore’nin 7 Eylül’de İran ile yapacağı dostluk maçına katılmak için ülkesine geri döndü.


Lee Chung-yong of Bolton Wanderers returns home

Forward Lee Chung-yong of the English Premier League’s Bolton Wanderers waves to fans upon his arrival at Incheon International Airport on Aug. 31. He returned home to participate in South Korea’s friendly match against Iran in Seoul on Sept. 7.

(31.08.2010 / Yonhap)

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